What Exactly is a Woman’s View on Penis Size?

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Women’s Thoughts on Penis Size

Admit it or not, we’ve always been bothered or bombarded with questions on penis size for a long time. Who or what else is there to blame? Films and TV series like “The Sweetest Thing” and Sex and the City” all show women characters who leave their men because of one obvious reason– a small penis. Even pharmaceutical companies and health and medical retail outlets are incessantly introducing sexual enhancers and penis enlargement tools to help men with their penis size problems. But of course, men who avail or are still thinking of getting these products also wonder: does the size of the penis really matter to women?

Let’s look at two points regarding the penis size issue from the female perspective. One side, in particular, includes those who hate size queens, people who care or “pretend” to care about penis size, and those who don’t believe that penis size matters. For these women, size queens only “pretend” to care about the penis size issue to feel dominant; since women feel secondary to men, some feminists take advantage of this penis issue to feel a sort of power over men. Moreover, some women view the penis size issue as that of a male obsession because of the scientific fact that the women’s most sensitive sexual nerves are located around the vagina’s opening so there is really no need for a longer penis when the pleasure nerves are just around the opening area. Others, meanwhile, simply say that penis size isn’t a factor that affects men’s personalities.

Logically speaking, a longer penis is more able to have an erection than a shorter one. If the penis is not able to erect during intercourse, then dissatisfaction would definitely arise, which can lead to further complications in the sexual relationship. Another related notion is that having a longer penis usually means having a desirable girth, which means more friction and pleasure for the women during sex.

But aside from the demands of women for their partners to have larger penises, some women really have their own opinions based on the behavior and view of men. Most also feel the necessity to consider a penis enlargement process. Even today, men consider long and large penises as trophies worth boasting of and adulating over. In such case, inevitably, someone who’s not as well-endowed as the others often feels insecure and inferior. Arguably, the large penis ideal has become part of male culture because it adds up to their masculinity. There are many men, both young and old, who often think that they lose sense of masculinity if their penises don’t measure above the average or as expected by their peers and sexual partners.

Because of the increasing number of people who think that having a larger penis is worth all the effort, several companies have been coming up with different ways on how to help those who are not so gifted down there. For instance, penis enlargement tools are rampant in the market today, including penis pumps. Some men even undergo surgical procedures such as phalloplasty, a male organ enlargement surgery, just so that the size of their penis get the approval of many, including their women.

But for those who are not yet convinced to go all out and take drastic procedures for the penis enlargement desires, supplements that are made of natural ingredients are also available. For many men and women, going for the alternative option of supplements is deemed safer and less risky, and thus, is much more appealing.

Most women recommend those with safe and herbal contents such as VigRX Plus™, which is a supplement that improves the sexual performance of men. According to Dr. Michael Carter, male enhancement products like VigRX Plus™ often contain natural ingredients such as herbs from China, South America, and Europe. These herbs usually include the Hawthorn Berry, a strong antioxidant that smoothes blood circulation, the Catuaba Bark Extract, which helps relieve stress and stimulates the nervous system, and the Asian Red Ginseng, which helps cure erectile dysfunction.

Aside from the fact that they reinforce the notion that bigger is better and that they are safe, supplements like VigRX Plus™ are medically proven for their natural methods of enhancing penis size, increasing libido, and improving erection. Once a patient encounters any problem such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, he may take these supplements, aside from consulting with the doctor, so that he does not have to deal with further complications in his reproductive system. Even medical professionals and doctors take these supplements for their own penis size problems. Luke Adams, for one, noticed the positive effects of VigRX after using it for two weeks; according to him, his penis has become larger and firmer every time it erects since he took the supplements.

Much have been said about women’s thoughts about size, but what ultimately matters most is what the method can do for the body and how it can change the individual’s sex life. So, whether men believe that women care about penis size or not, they still have to take care of their body and at the same time, make themselves happy and satisfied.

Make your Penis Bigger! But How? Here are some Ways

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Ways to Make Your Penis Appear Bigger

Male enhancement procedures have always been the last resort by men who are not satisfied with the sizes of their penises. And when one mentions male enhancement procedures, the first thing that comes to mind is surgery. Today, however, men don’t have to actually go under the knife to have their manhood increased , as today there are other way of making one’s penis appear bigger.

In general, men have always felt the need to prove themselves through the size of their penis. As a result, they resort to procedures of all sorts just to achieve whatever they think is ideal. Essentially, male enhancement procedures are categorized into two types: self-treatment methods and surgical methods.

Common Methods

The most patronized method today is the use of supplements. In particular, herbal supplements are the most popular. These are readily available at your local drugstore without prescription.

These supplements have been taken by men from Asia to Europe for centuries. Some claim, however, that these supplements actually do no good at all as they’re manufactured by companies whose sole goal is to earn cash. . Among the side effects are the common cold, rashes, and sneezing. Another serious threat in taking herbal supplements is the damage it can bring to your hormones. Thus, it is advised that before taking or even purchasing these pills, it would be wise to consult a doctor first.

Another popular method is the use of mechanical devices. These devices are also available in your local drugstore but they’re usually not displayed due to ethical reasons. One of the most known devices is the penis pump. Like the breast pumps for women, penis pumps work by creating pressure. The main difference, however, is the shape, which should fit the penis properly. The problem with pumps is that it can bring too much pressure on your penis, causing it to bleed. There are also hard-rimmed pumps which could cut the area where the pump is fitted. A pump is usually fitted at the base of the penis where it could cut vital nerves, veins, ligaments, and even the entire penis itself. Surely no one wants that to happen.

The previously mentioned methods are all affordable, but perhaps the most expensive way to do it is surgery. There are three ways to surgically enhance your penis. The first one is through silicone implants. The implants are inflated through a pump inserted beside the groin area. This type is actually favored by impotent men. The second one is through the cutting of ligaments, causing your penis to almost perpetually dangle. Taken off, your penis can now erect and function properly although this is not the case for everyone. The third one is through penile injections where the doctor injects silicone, collagen or petroleum jelly directly to your penis. All surgical methods are safe through the assistance of a doctor, but not everyone can afford such luxury.

Alternative Methods

Those who don’t have the luxury of undergoing surgical procedures or just don’t want to go under the knife can employ alternative methods to make their manhoods appear bigger.

One of the most effective ways to enlarge your penis is through massages and exercising. Numerous massage and exercise methods are introduced to perfect the procedure. Among them are jelqing (also known as milking), clamping, stretching, and hanging. Jelqing is done like the way a female breast is milked, thus the name milking. Clamping, on the other hand, is about using a constricting device like a cable clamp or shoestring which you tie your penis with. While firmly tied, you do an “edging” or pulling the string such that your penis is stimulated. Stretching and hanging, meanwhile, is about pulling your penis to give it a longer or bigger effect. However, if all these methods are done in excess, these may cause your penis to be deformed and curved.

Another way to make you penis look bigger is by trimming off your pubic hair, leaving just enough for coverage. Your pubic hair keeps most of your penis hidden, thus making it look small. You can also opt to have it waxed, if you’re man enough to handle the pain.

Also, keeping fit would also give you and your partner the illusion of bigger size. Remember that flab, especially in the abdominal area, may actually decrease the size of your penis. Think of them as huge drapes that cover a window with an otherwise wonderful view.

On a last note, it is highly advisable that you also keep yourself always clean. Proper hygiene is a great way to present yourself to your partner. Keep yours penis always clean to boost your confidence as this may actually make you less bothered by your penis size. Wash your penis daily, preferably during bath, by using a mild soap and water. Remember, a woman would rather much prefer a clean penis instead of a big but dirty one.

The methods mentioned in this article are only suggestions. For best results, it’s recommended that you keep yourself healthy. Being healthy gives you more chances of a greater erection and performance. And essentially, it will give you a healthy sex life. To keep yourself fit and healthy, eat a well-balanced diet, quit smoking, avoid alcoholic drinks and prohibited drugs, exercise, stimulate your penis, and take supplements like VigRX Plus™! For more details, visit VigRXPlus.com.

VigRx Plus - Maximum Effects & Minimum Side Effects!

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VigRx Plus - Maximum Effects & Minimum Side Effects:

It is not too wrong to admit that sex is in the mind though a lot has to do with physical capabilities. Numerous psychological researches have confirmed that the desire to have sex and performance in bed have a lot to do with what kind of positive feeling the man has about himself. The level of confidence with which a man approaches the sexual act can be completely shattered if he has male enhancement problems be it due to age, physical abnormality or an aftermath of a serious injury or disease condition.

Of all the therapy options available today for enhancing male libido and performance, one of the products that have won customer confidence is VigRx Plus, a performance-oriented herbal combination which not only handles the physical aspect of the sexual act but also enhances a man’s overall self-confidence. VigRx Plus not only assures a steady and long lasting erection, it also adds to the man’s sexual stamina and puts a stop to premature ejaculation, one of the primary causes of frustration for both the partners.

VigRx Plus is backed by scientific research. For instance, they have taken into consideration the fact that a larger and thicker penis is not only a man’s dream but a woman’s ardent desire too, where she is happiest when her partner has an erection which lasts till her own sexual gratification needs are fully satisfied. Since the ingredients have been chosen carefully to handle the psychological problems which can cause premature ejaculation in a man, the product can completely eradicate any inferiority complex which he can develop when it comes to sexual performance and erectile dysfunction.

One of the most redeeming features about VigRx Plus is that the brand is whole-heartedly supported by doctors of various specialties which include clinical psychology, medicine, ayurvedic, naturopathy and geriatric medicines. Many members of the medical fraternity realize the importance of the role which psychology and self-confidence play in sexual enjoyment. They endorse VigRx Plus as a brand which has an optimal blend of some of the most potent herbal ingredients which can play a key role in the improvement of sexual health in a man. According to actual users, results from using VigRx Plus are evident from day one, and after two weeks’ of usage, it results in sustained increase in the flaccid penis size. The other differentiating benefit of VigRx Plus over other male enhancement brands is that it does not contain anxiety-inducing caffeine, which can cause temporary gratification as it makes you alert and full of vitality but turns to be a libido-destroyer in the long run.

So what does VigRx Plus contain? It has all that it takes to take care of male enhancement both psychologically and physically. The main ingredients are Damiana which acts as an aphrodisiac, though mild in potency, Tribulus, which enhances the body’s own testosterone production and Bioprene which plays its role as an anti-oxidant and an appetite-suppressant though mild. Bioprene also acts as a catalyst for absorption of the other ingredients. It is evident that VigRx Plus has taken the best of both worlds: combined the goodness of natural herbs where each of the ingredients have been tested and proved for efficacy, scientifically.

Is there any down side to VigRx Plus? Sure there is, if you take it to be so, that is. Firstly, if you are looking for instant gratification, like the type which a penile massage or a pill like Viagra can assure, then perhaps you might get disappointed with VigRx Plus. This is because with VigRx Plus, you have to take one pill at least twice a day as well as follow it up with the penile exercises recommended by the manufacturer. For best results VigRx Plus should be taken for at least three months on a continuous basis where through the period you notice gradual changes in the size of your penis, longer lasting erections, your overall appearance, etc. This could be a dampener for you - depending on what you are looking for.

For more information on VigRX Plus, visit VigRXPlus.com

Natural Male Enhancement - Proven, Safe, and Effective Choices

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Natural Male Enhancement Choices:

It is perhaps understandable when you encounter the apprehension expressed by many men when the topic of using natural male enhancement products comes up. After all how can some ‘natural’ ingredients have the same efficacy as products which are prescribed by doctors which have more ’scientific’ ingredients? The companies which promote the several natural male enhancement products are perhaps also to be blamed for this growing skepticism amongst their potential users. More often than not, the advertising claims over-promise. Increment of penile length by several inches, unending sexual orgasm which lasts longer than you have ever imagined and the overt guarantee of sexual stamina are some of the nearly outrageous and incredible claims made by many makers of natural male enhancement products whether they are pills, lotions, creams or lubricants. VigRX Plus is one of the few to be Proven effective and reccommended by doctors.

But if you study carefully even the products which are available with a doctors’ prescription and which contain ingredients which are clinically tested and tried, also contain several ingredients which originated from nature, except that they may be synthesized in the labs using scientific processes. Modified drastically from their original ‘natural’ states, many of the ingredients of prescription brands or generics have their origins firmly rooted, figuratively, in Mother Nature. If you study the mechanism of action of some of the more popular natural male enhancement products you would notice that they essentially increase the amount of blood flow in the penile area. This activity results in sexual arousal, which in turn results in gain in length and girth of his penis. The enhanced penis means increase in the surface area of friction during intercourse. Since friction is the reason for men and women to reach orgasm, the natural male enhancement products stand the test of trials successfully.

Ease of access of several natural male enhancement products is also responsible for its gaining popularity. Available without a doctor’s prescription, these brands can be bought from online stores at the press of a button. Since no natural products of herbal origin are regulated by the FDA, it is a matter of practicing great caution when consuming such products. The user needs to be completely familiar with the ingredients and its contra-indications as well as the expected side-effects. On the other hand, many prescription products carry the risk of heart attacks and frequently result in headaches and stomach upsets. Natural male enhancement products are usually with minimal side effects because of their nature of origin. The other benefit of natural male enhancement products is that most of the natural ingredients have more than one health benefit. For instance if the brand improves your sex drive it may also make your skin look younger or make you feel better. The dual and treble benefits of some of the natural benefits are viewed positively by many users of natural male enhancement products such as VigRX Plus.

As is evident there are plenty of benefits in choosing natural male enhancement products. If you are not too sure about the ingredients and its mechanism of action and worry whether the product will have any adverse drug interaction with your current medication, you could look up online for more knowledge and information about the ingredients, over-dosing, under-dosing and other areas of concern. If you can discuss the issue with your doctor, then perhaps you are completely safe in having the right natural male enhancement product which can make you live and love happily ever after.

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